Mindset and Accountability programs focused on building people and businesses.

A 52-Week Accountability Intensive

Welcome to the Gray Matter Mastermind (GMM), a private coaching mastermind unlike any other.

This program is for the solopreneur, sales leader, executive, coach, business owner, or ANYONE who wants to crush their goals. This program is for YOU.

We offer private coaching at a price so low, you'll think there MUST be a catch.

(HINT: There isn't one.)

The Gray Matter Mastermind is for busy people who don't have time to join facebook groups, webinars, weekly calls or want to participate in group coaching.

The problem with these formats is that the coaching seldom ever focuses directly on you and your needs. GMM is high-touch, personal, 1:1 coaching focused on creating behaviors that deliver results:

More Clients. More Sales. More Income. More Growth.

In this mastermind you will focus on daily action and weekly progress.

If you're looking for results, this is the program for you.

Hi, I'm Jeff Raab

With more than 24 years of business experience I've had the opportunity to build companies both as a solopreneur and as part of a team.  I've worked with experienced business coaches, and have implemented business systems like EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).

I am certified by The Leadership Circle® to provide The Leadership Circle Profile™ assessment as well as implementation of their Leadership System™.

I have led teams as large as 250 and have worked in companies with fewer than 10 employees. I've coached executives, leaders and business owners with one goal in mind: maximize their impact and deliver outcomes that matter.

And that's what the Gray Matter Mastermind is all about...

Accountability Every Week for 1 Year

Accountability is the cornerstone of the program, and the reason why it works.

Here is what you can expect:

When you join today, you'll get one email from me every Friday for one year.

The email will always have [GMM] in the subject line so you will know it's from me and you can easily prioritize it.

The email will ask you three questions:
1. What did you accomplish last week? (this is your PROGRESS)
2. What are you going to do this week? (these are your PLANS)
3. Where are you stuck? (these are your PROBLEMS)

Simply reply back with your answers.

You shouldn't spend more than ten minutes on this. That's it. Ten minutes. The goal of this program is to get you to spend your time focusing on what really matters: growing your business.

This seems so simple, does it really work?

Unequivocally, YES!

There's actual science behind it:

  • You're paying to play, so you have a real skin in the game.
  • You know I'll be looking for your update every week - you've got accountability.
  • What you focus on you find. Writing down your desired outcome(s) and goals increases the likelihood that you will accomplish them.
  • You now have a permanent running log of the specific actions you're taking every week (good, bad & ugly). You can look at your progress and adjust behavior accordingly.
  • You'll have someone in your corner (ME!) that genuinely wants to see you succeed.

So...How Much Does this Cost?

I know business owners, leaders and executives who spend $10,000-$100,000 per year for coaching.

I would easily pay someone $40-$50/week to keep me on track and check in with a weekly accountability email. Consistently getting work done is worth so much more than that to me.

$50 X 52 Weeks = $2,600 per year. Seems reasonable, right?

What if I told you:  you can join this program right now for $995 for the entire year.

That can't be right, can it?

It's right.

$995 for one year of email correspondence focused on helping you reach your goals and get sh*t done.

But why so cheap?

I'm glad you asked. This program is a feeder for folks who want to work with me on a much deeper level. Not everyone is ready to invest $12,000+ in coaching, so this is a great way to "try before you buy" with very little risk. Make sense?

The program is simple: every Friday you get a personal email from me. I read your responses then I reply back to you. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 52 times.

Are you ALL IN? Can I get a HELL YEAH?? (If it's not a "Hell Yeah" then this program probably isn't for you.)

If so, there are a few more things I want you to know:

1. This is a one year program. There is no continuity, there are no up-sells.

2. There are no refunds. You know exactly what you're getting: one impactful email a week for 52 weeks.

So...if you're ready, click the button below to sign up. Your first email arrives on Friday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jeff really reading & writing these emails?

Absolutely, 100%, Yes. He personally sends and replies to all of the emails himself.

Am I able to cancel?

You can cancel at any time by sending an email to support@jeffraab.com. We'll make sure you never receive another email - which would be silly since you've already paid for the service. Remember: no refunds.

Does this really work?

Yes! If you spend 10 minutes each week answering the emails.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions please email support@jeffraab.com and we'll get back to you within one business day.

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